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Laptop and Desktop Data Recovery

Hard drive failure is common. It can occur during normal usage or as a result from trauma. Regardless of how a drive might fail, the good news is that, unless there is physical damage to the disk platters, the data can be recovered.




If you are experiencing problems with your computer and are concerned about the data stored on it, whether that be files or photos, please follow these instructions.


Turn off computer immediately


        Do not restart or reboot computer

Do not install or re-install any software

Do not shake, disassemble or remove parts

Do not attempt to recover the data yourself





Common symptoms of a failing hard drive



Blue Screen Errors, Just a black screen, Clicking Noise, O.S. Not Found Errors.


Completely Dead, Drive Inaccessible Errors, Flashing "?" icon, Continual Restarts.



When a Hard drive is failing do not continue to use it.
Sometimes you only have one chance to recover data.
Turn off the computer and have a professional examine the drive.