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Simply put, I do I.T. how it should be done.

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PC & Laptop Repair

Over time all computers can become sluggish, followed by random crashing, or even the dreaded blue screen of death (BSOD). It is obvious that a problem has developed with the Operating System, and without the knowledge to repair the system it can seem like you need to replace the computer with a new one. Having a personal engineer is a bit like having a family doctor who can guide you through the different processes and procedures there are to ensure the health of your machine, and to extend its useful lifespan. I am able to give your computer a complete and thorough testing, to ascertain what is really wrong with it, and then am able to advise you on your next course of action. If necessary I can perform a complete refurbishment of your equipment so that it will operate like it did when it was first purchased. Failing that of course I can help and advise you to find a suitable replacement should it become absolutely necessary, or simply more financially viable as an option.





It is my experience that most of the issues, as an engineer, I am asked to remedy are preventable with responsible usage and a regular maintainence schedule. I can provide annual health checks and am more than happy to advise you of practical methods and routines which, if you follow, can help to ensure your system remains problem free for longer.