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Simply put, I do I.T. how it should be done.

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           Should you require your damaged PC or Laptop to be

picked up by HarrogatePC then all you need do is to make sure the item is un-plugged and ready for transport to be repaired. 




You DO NOT need to package anything.


Contact HarrogatePC to arrange a suitable pick up date.



A representative will arrive at the agreed time and date to collect your damaged equipment

including any items that may be required such as mouse or keyboard, monitor or software.

you will be given  a signed reciept for your items, containing their details. Upon completion of all agreed repairs I will return your item to you, full payment will then be required.




NO work will be carried out until both parties have agreed on the quoted price.


For more information concerning postage, collection and delivery please contact me using the details on the site.



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