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Simply put, I do I.T. how it should be done.

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I offer a whole range of services to reflect the range of issues that can arise when your computer, Mac or PC, is not working properly. I am however flexible enough that if you have a challenge that I currently don't provide a service for I will find a way to help you, even creating new services if needed. After all if you can have an unserviced challenge so can someone else, therefore the service needs to be offered.
I have noticed that most companies don't advertise their service pricing, and I am sure there is a whole range of reasons for that decision. I, on the other hand feel that it is easier if both myself and my clients have a solid framework to deal with and so below are the prices I charge for my services. Now I don't doubt if you look around hard enough you may, for some of the services, find someone cheaper (or quicker). All I can say is that, usually bargain basement servicers can cause more problems than they solve, then you end up having to come see a professional anyway, to sort it all out.
Please realise this is not an exhaustive list of services.
Infection Removal - £55    O.S. Installation & Update - £60
System Refurb - £70(+Possible parts)  
Data Recovery £90      Laptop Screen Fix - £35+Screen
IPad Screen Repair - £55+Screen         Console Repair - £80
Laptop Mainboard Replacement - £50+Board
Collection/Delivery - £20   
Data Transfer - £45    
Custom Build - £70+Parts     Call out - £70+Services
Repair Assessment - £20
Soldering Service - £35          System Optimisation - £75