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Simply put, I do I.T. how it should be done.

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Virus & Spyware Removal





 It is horrible when we get a bout of Flu, with distracting headaches and feelings of lethargy being just two of the obvious symptoms. Similar signs are exhibited by your computer when it is infected also. Sometimes it is obvious that your computer has caught something, like when the screen tries to impersonate the Police but expects you to believe that they take payment by Ucash (or similar). Other times however the signs are more subtle, like when your browser seems to forget where you asked it to go and you end up on some site you have never heard of, and probably want to forget even faster. Much like the Flu, the sooner you can get the virus out of your machine the better it will be all round. After all, though rarer these days Flu strains and viruses can be fatal in their own way. Some scan your computer address book and send an email (containing a copy of the virus of course) to every email address found, thereby spreading themselves around your contacts, and their contacts and so on, trying to spread across the Internet. Finally there are those anti-social software's, whose purpose is to transmit your personal information back to their home base so that your identity can be slowly stolen, and used for various purposes.


When it comes to being infected it is definitely better to be safe than sorry. 






This is an unfortunate reality sometimes, though it all depends on the purpose of the infection. You can however limit any negative effects with some good old fashioned common sense. If you think that your computer is infected, don't keep using it. Make sure that your Anti-virus software is running properly (if you don't have any installed then .....DOH!). If it looks like there is a challenge with it then have it looked at by a professional. In most cases I can remove the unwanted software without the process affecting your data, or the stability of the Operating System itself. Logically the sooner the infection is cleaned, the less time there is for loss or damage to occur.




Anti-Virus Software


Anti-virus software is unfortunately necessary, however, regardless of which product you choose it can only detect infections that it is programmed to search for, yet every day new malware is written. The first line of defence against these new programs is the vigilance of the user. If you let one of the new malware onto your machine, one of its first jobs will be to partially disable your anti-virus software so that it can remain undetected. The obvious danger with this is that it then leaves you basically unprotected. Part of the virus check and removal service is to check your current state of protection. I will make sure that your machine is capable of defending itself against the daily attacks from malware.









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