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Simply put, I do I.T. how it should be done.

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The Harrogate PC viewpoint


To provide an honest and professional service to my clients, I believe it is not enough to simply repair the hardware, I believe you have to go that bit further and be responsible for the quality, durability and suitability of any repairs completed. There is no point advising  a client to increase the RAM in their machine to speed it up when its performance issues are caused by corruption on the hard drive. Likewise, advising clients to buy new machines that they don't need, simply because it may earn you more money than refurbishing their old machine, is nothing short of theft. With the full range of services offered, I will work to provide you with a fair and cost effective solution to whatever IT challenge you may have, that makes sense both technically and financially. Whether a business or residential client, I am here to provide you with an affordable and practical Computer Repair Centre. I am experienced in repairing and maintaining a wide range of computer brands and models, as well as a large knowledge base of a whole array of software.



Upfront Estimates Before Work Commences


Time and money are commodities that we have to make sensible decisions about, if we want life to go smoothly that is. With this in mind, whilst I would love to be able to repair every issue in two days, there is the reality that some work simply takes longer to do properly. While I will endeavour to do any work as quickly as I can, my working estimates are currently two to five days, depending on the work. I will always keep you informed of how much a repair will cost before any work commences. This includes the cost of any Service Fees and required Component prices, and Is realistically the only way to do business, transparently. No hidden costs or added extra fees appearing on the bill at the end of the job.